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    BXSC is a performance facility bent on optimizing the health, movement and performance of all that enter through our doors. Our mission is to deliver world class coaching and training through creating an environment and experience centered on passion, hard-work, long lasting results and most of all – enjoyment. From youth athlete to everyday warrior to competitive functional fitness, we have an option to help you!

    What Our Members Say Testimonials

    • “Fantastic environment for young athletes. Took a young keen Rugby player and turned him into Rep player, a lot due to his fitness & mindset from BXSC. Dylan loves being a part of such a positive group.Could not recommend Kieran & the crew highly enough.”

      Tony Challita
    • “The community is so inclusive that you feel welcome and at home from the first session. The team is enthusiastic about every member of the gym and the environment is supportive of everyone. There’s a real focus on strong, foundational progress. It’s functional fitness that’s really heavily geared towards injury prevention and increasing performance.

      I’m proud to be a part of the team that trains at BXSC”

      Matthew John Clarke
    • Bathurst strength and conditioning is by far the best place to train with great support from all coaches. Kieran and the coaching staff have made a huge impact in my training ensuring I get back to my peak fitness and assisting me through my ACL rehab process, they always give me the motivation and drive to become a better athlete. I couldn’t speak more highly of every coach at Bathurst S&C. Always good vibes when training there.

      Tilly Power
      Rugby League
    • “12 months ago I started training at Bathurst Strength and Conditioning. I was a hockey goal keeper, I played in several high representative teams such as Open Mens SA Country Hockey team. Since starting with BXSC and the coaching staff, my strength and power had increased dramatically. To the point where Kieren, the head coach, had introduced me to Olympic Weightlifting, while I still enjoy playing hockey I have found a passion and love for weightlifting. My weights have improved out of sight, I have personally noticed an improvement in my appearance, my strength and power, and my overall wellbeing in a mental and physical way
      The coaching staff at BXSC are so supportive, they encourage you to push yourself to the limits, they celebrate your wins/successes with you, and build you up with excellent programs to get you the best possible results. The gym community, in a whole, is such a supportive and family like group. I am proud to be a part of this gym family, I cant recommend BXSC enough to those people who want to improve their life mentally and physically.”

      Lachlan Martin
    • This is a wonderful place in which you can just be yourself while working on becoming the very best version of yourself that you are looking for at the same time!! The coaches are encouraging, positive and highly motivated. The atmosphere and members make it non-confrontational and it is very easy to work at your own level in this environment. My son is in the young athlete’s program and his sporting performance, self-discipline and self-confidence have come along in leaps and bounds. He has older mates now too that will always be around for support and guidance as he navigates his way through the teen years!! Thanks, guys for the experience thus far!! We have both enjoyed the journey!

      Alison Smith
    • I’ve just finished my University Placement here at Bathurst Strength and Conditioning and I couldn’t speak highly enough of the place! Coach Kieran (Accredited Exercise Scientist) has helped me complete 140 of practicum hours in the area of exercise delivery for apparently healthy populations. All of the coaches here are extremely knowledgeable and put quality effort into each of their clients. All coaches have a major focus on correct technique/form throughout the exercises which helps to prevent injuries and get maximum improvements with their clients. Kieran is full of knowledge and is basically a walking textbook, and as a result, I have learnt an abundance of information on biomechanics, Strength & Conditioning and CrossFit from him. Everyone at the gym is really friendly and have helped to make my placement experience as enjoyable as possible. If you’re sitting on the fence and are not sure about signing up to this place, I would highly recommend it. They have guided me out of my comfort zone and helped to create a completely healthy lifestyle change, helping me to be the best person that I can possibly be.

      Jessica Berryman
    • The team at BXSC is the best there is! Head Coach Kizz is a world of fitness knowledge and seriously knows his trade! 
      Great people and friendly training atmosphere, do yourself and your well being a solid favour!!

      Greg Adams
    • Could not be more grateful for the amazing coaches at BXSC and the motivation they give me to show up, improve and better myself every day. They go out of their way to create such a welcoming atmosphere and take the time to get to know each and every individual making the BXSC community so special to be a part of. Without a doubt, every session with BXSC is bound to be full of smiles. Thanks, guys!

      Millie Delaat
    • In terms of injury management, I cannot recommend BCS+C enough. They are 100% the reason why I’m fully functioning after a knee dislocation and ACL tear. Amy and Kieran’s knowledge of exercise and sports science has ensured I’ve always felt supported while recovering from ACL reconstruction surgery. I’m not able to verbalise how much their patience and camaraderie has positively influenced the rehabilitation process.

      Olivia Masson
    • This is gym one of a kind. It’s not just a facility to workout but it’s also community and family making it a great place to go and workout. I have made so many new friends here and Thank you to this place I have a good reason to get up at 5:30 am, want to work out and be a better version of myself, being able and wanting to push myself.

      Maddie Hickey
    • Welcoming and friendly environment, knowledgeable staff with the ability to facilitate the needs of all members regardless of age or ability level. 10/10 would recommend.

      Scott Jablonskis


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