Discover Fundamentals

Like a first date, without the awkwardness……

Discover BXSC Fundamentals

At BXSC our fundamentals involve a one on one consultation with Coach Kizz, which is essential in allowing him to understand your training history and injuries, both past and present. But more importantly ensuring your personal fitness goals and expectations are not only met, but exceeded!

In addition it allows our coaches to understand if there are limitations on movement patterns or exercises we program. Discovering this upfront allows our coaches to modify a particular movement if you are unable to perform it for any reason. Something we pride ourselves on being exceptional at and well renowned for. 

Above all, we need to know you’re confident in us to deliver on your goals and be specific to your health and fitness needs. 

Oh and that you like the occasional 80’s song making an appearance from time to time….

Contact Kizz now for your FREE 30Min Consult to find out how to begin your very own fitness journey with us at BXSC 

For any new client, you will likely learn more about yourself and your movement in these 2 sessions than you have in your life. The aim of this is to develop an in-depth profile for how you move, eat and live so that we can build a holistic picture to achieve your goals.

We will teach you the safe and proper progressions to optimal movement and you will join a state-of-the-art system and thriving community.

From this, you will then jump into one of our membership options with a structured plan of what to do next.